Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The shortest way to enlightenment..........Its a divination tool requiring efforts of intuitive nature from the person practising it.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Reiki Orientation- Level 1 & 2
Orientation on Transformation
Orientation on Manifestation
Orientation on Sexuality
Tarot Reading
Candle Magick
Past Life Regression Sessions


Life has been unfolding itself like the petals of a flower and the journey till now has been fulfilling. I started out on this path of spirituality not exactly knowing where will I reach but now the destination seems clear, precise and more joyous with each step I take. Life is a rhythm of different patterns which we follow with much unawareness and hence the basic and foremost requirement for most of the humankind is to change the patterns and then after see and feel the change in the rhythm of their life.
There are different paths for changing the patterns and each is unique and fulfilling in its own way. No path is better than the other, its just unrepeatable and so unique and so incomparable that discussing two paths is just a sheer waste of time.
Reiki, Past Life Regression, Different rituals and divination tools, Manifestations, Transformations etc. all lead to one thing and i.e. connecting you with your inner self..... which you have been unaware of till now... making you aware of this present moment and having the attitude of gratitude for the same and finally....bringing in the alignment of yours with the sole purpose of your life.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Pagan” was used to refer to these practitioners of their native religions. They practiced Shamanism which is a religion. Shamanic people work with nature or the forces of the universe to bring about positive things that are desired and necessary to sustain life. Shamanism is the earliest form of religion and dates back 25,000 years ago. Modern metaphysical and shamanistic people believe that there is one great source behind the Universe and that all that live are manifestation of this power, a part of it and are interrelated. None of these is greater or lesser than the other. It is a misconception that Shamanic people worship nature: the earth, heavenly objects, plants, animals or minerals. These are revered as a manifestation of God or the One. They are treated with respect as such. Each has its own special medicines or powers to be used in beneficially.


"Reiki" means Universal Life Force Energy.